Whilst easily accessible to the hinterlands and nearby Parkanaur Forest Park, the development is also within three minutes walking distance of Caulfield village.


Castlecaulfield prides itself in offering all the domestic, business, educational and convenient facilities of any thriving village or modest town.

Boasting two successful Primary Schools, Convenience Stores, a Post Office and Hardware outlet, Family Butchers, Hairdresser’s, Licensed Pub, Vehicle Repair Centre and Professional Services all readily available within the village.

There is no need to look any further “for all your basic and essential needs” than the village itself.

In addition to the quiet and charming atmosphere, the village is also home to the ruins of Castlecaulfield Castle, Parkanaur Castle and Forest Park, Eskragh Lough, Playing Fields, Picturesque walks, the Torrent River and the events and facilities hosted by the village’s own Horticultural Society.


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